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About Us

Coal Augering Services offers a turnkey high productivity contract auger mining service, enabling safe and economic access to reserves which are otherwise inaccessible. Coal Augering Services is able to undertake all works from pit cleanup through to product haulage to ROM.


Coal Augering Services was established in 2003 and is based in Brisbane Queensland, Australia with operations in Central Queensland.


To date, Coal Augering Services has achieved a number of Australian production records for surface auger mining, which include:-


  • Auger hole depth of 203m (single auger)
  • Production of 2,437t in a single shift
  • Production of 10,000t in a 5-shift week


Coal Augering Services values its commitment to health, safety and environmental responsibility. This is integral to the way we do business. Coal Augering Services is committed to continual improvement in its performance and aspires to a goal of zero harm to people and the environment.